About Violetti

Violetti is a new pointed cabbage with a beautiful purple colour that makes it unique. Violetti has the soft refined flavour of ordinary pointed cabbage and the rich colour of classic red cabbage, giving it the best of both worlds. Not only does Violetti reveal a beautiful texture when cut through, but it also looks spectacular as ribbons on a plate. Combine Violetti with other ingredients to create quick and easy stir-fries and salads that look a picture!

The farmers

Violetti is supplied exclusively by TB&S, a family business based in the beautiful rural town of Sint Pancras, North Holland, and also one of the biggest and most innovative vegetable cultivation companies.

Together with more than 90 employees, the entrepreneurs Michel Timmerman and Coen Swager (see picture) put their heart and soul into growing the best products every day. Thanks to this fourth generation’s many years of experience and its specialization in pointed cabbage, the company is able to supply products of a constant and sustainable high quality. Quality that you can taste!


Together with the breeders, the farmers spent a long time developing the Violetti until it was completely perfect! These parties continue to innovate to ensure that the quality of the Violetti remains consistent all year round. This is important at a time when the climate is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Quality is guaranteed through a variety of certifications (GLOBAL GAP, QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH, SKAL Bio Controle).


Soil cultivation
Violetti is grown on sustainable land. By practising crop rotation and planting catch crops, the fertility of the land can be improved. This reduces the intensity of cultivation and means that fewer agents are required.

Violetti is harvested using sustainable methods. The growing process is closely monitored, and the land is covered where necessary to protect the crop from wildlife or extreme weather conditions. During the growing process, use of agents and artificial fertilizers is kept to a minimum.

What does this mean? Nowadays, transporting products by road is not something we can avoid. To transport Violetti, the company collaborates with partners that own a fleet equipped for environmentally friendly transport. These are experienced and certified transport companies that transport vegetables throughout Europe in climate-controlled combination vehicles.

In order to maintain the high quality of the Violetti cabbage until it is eaten, it is stored in ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) storage facilities. This keeps the Violetti fresh and delicious for longer. The Violetti is not treated with agents to prolong its shelf life.


Violetti is cultivated on land in the Netherlands and Portugal and is therefore guaranteed year-round availability, for both regular and sustainable organic cultivation. Thanks to climate-controlled storage, demand can be met at all times. Whether you need a pallet per month or a daily delivery, flexibility is a priority. This makes it a pleasure to do business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between purple pointed cabbage and red cabbage?

Purple pointed cabbage is soft in comparison to the stiff and hard structure of red cabbage. It also has a softer and more refined flavour. Purple pointed cabbage is a versatile vegetable that is perfect for today’s varied cuisine. It is can be cooked quickly in a wok and is ideal for use in salads.

Why are purple pointed cabbages not always equally pointed?

This is because the purple pointed cabbage grows towards the light. The longer is stays light, the more pointed the cabbage will be.

Where can I buy Violetti?

Violetti is so new that it is not yet widely available in the Netherlands. We are naturally doing all that we can to get Violetti into all the supermarkets and specialist vegetable stores. Enquire about it at your favourite shop.

Violetti is een product van TB&S